Hi! I'm Matt.

Welcome to my personal blog, where I write about all things education, tech, and just about anything else that I love. I'm still working on getting these blogs up to speed from my old website, so forgive me if some of the information seems incomplete. If you want to find out more about me professionally, check out my about page.

If you want to see my cybersecurity work, I'm an occassional author on the 3 Ways to Heck blog as well.

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🎓 Advice
 I share some of my experiences on academic, professional, and life success.
📖 How-To
 I post guides on walkthroughs of various projects and skill development.
📢 Opinions
 I originally started this blog as a creative outlet and a longer place for my Twitter rants.


📝 Professional
 I use several resumes depending on the job I'm applying for, but I've linked my CV for your convenience.
🎥 Press
 A compilation of my media appearances.
💻 Equipment
 A list of all the things I use; from school & work to tech & other hobbies, you can find it all!